Star Trek Enterprise E Isolinear Chips

Star Trek: The Next Generation “Dustbuster” Phaser

Star Trek: Enterprise Phase Pistol

Star Trek: Discovery Phaser

Crew Hats

Crew Jackets and Shirt

Storyboard from Enterprise “Broken Bow”

Sketch by Rene Auberjonois (“Odo”)

Andrew Robinson (“Garak”) Autograph

The TNG Cast – And Me!

Deep Space Nine Cast Press Photo

Klingon Bird of Prey Studio Model

Deep Space Nine Stickers

DS9 Control Panel

Dax Early Makeup Tests

“Encounter at Farpoint” Village Miniatures

USS Defiant Replica

Next Generation Contact Sheet

DS9 Production Report for “Duet”

DS9 Call Sheet (“Battle Lines”)

TNG “Egg Probe” Detailing Photos

Kai Winn (DS9) Costume Designs

Neelix and Kes Costume Designs

Malcom McDowell Autograph

Signed DS9 Behind the Scenes Photo

Unknown Alien Set Dressing / DS9

Klingon Set Dressing / DS9

DS9 Set Dressing Stickers

Autographed Nichelle Nichols Photo

Autographed George Takei Photo

Encounter at Farpoint Storyboards

DS9 Contact Sheet

Voyager Alien Makeup Tests

Keldon-Class Cardassian Warship Model

Deep Space Nine Press Photos

DS9 Runabout Camera Test Model

Dedication plaques

Concept art for NX-02

Isolinear Chips

Deep Space Nine scripts

TNG Writer’s Guide and Technical Manual

Guinan costume design

Voyager model

“Duet” script

“The Naked Now” Script

Sisko’s Clock

Voyager Master Systems Display

Picard’s Teacup

Breen Ship concept art

Concept art from “Move Along Home”

Raktajino Mug

Raktajino Mugs

Saurian Brandy Bottle

Defiant set piece


USS Defiant Mug



Isolinear Rods

The Helm of The Defiant

EMH Mobile Emitter

Bajoran Combadge

Spock Ear Prosthetics


Glassware from “Quark’s Bar”

Cardassian Signs

Alien Combadges

Replica Combadges / Insignia

Deep Space Nine Blueprints

Next Generation Jumpsuit

Screen-used DS9 / Voyager Uniform

Science Tricorder

Medical Tricorder

Klingon Bloodwine

Neelix and Tuvok’s Aprons

Cardassian Disruptor

TOS Phaser

Staff of the Grand Nagus

“Cricket” Phaser

Gold-Pressed Latinum

Dabo Chip

“Cobrahead” Phaser

“Boomerang” Phaser

Replica PADDs

Screen-used PADD from DS9